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DIY- Molding It

Every time I go to a house with a lot of architectural detail, I get jealous. There’s something so interesting about old city houses, with their arched hallways, stained-glass windows and moldings on the wall. Most newer houses don’t have the luxury of these features. The good news is that adding molding to your wallsContinue Reading...

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (Or The Floor, Or The Tabletop, Or On A Shelf)

Mirrors can be such an easy way to add a wow factor to just about any room.  We all know they will visually expand any space.  They can make your room seem much brighter, as they will reflect brightness from any windows or lighting sources.  They can add sparkle, drama, and just plain fun. ItContinue Reading...

Red, White And Blue – Who Knew?

When I am getting ready to redecorate a room in my home, one of the things I tend to keep in mind is, “Will I be happy with this decision in the long-term?”  I really try to stay away from anything that is too trendy, unless it is something that I can easily and fairlyContinue Reading...
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