Abode Environments offers modern, sophisticated Interior Design with an edge. Our clients are looking for help with their home without breaking the bank. We often buy home furnishings from big-box stores and modify/embellish them to give your room a customized look without spending a fortune. We also like to incorporate custom pieces, such as artwork, pillows, draperies, etc. which don’t need to be expensive. Our goal is to give your completed room a “look” that appears much more expensive than what you actually paid.


About Stephanie

IMG_2697new3My first “design experience” began when I was a kid. I would regularly rearrange the furniture and artwork in my bedroom. While Chicago Bulls posters are cool and all, let’s hope my design approach has stepped it up a little!


In the Summer of 2001, I wasn’t sure about many things about life, but I WAS sure about one thing – decorating made me HAPPY!  Enrolling in school for Interior Design was a no-brainer to me.  I loved it!  After school, it was time to put on my Big Girl Shoes.  My first “real” design job was right out of college.  I worked at a local Interior Design firm, where I learned valuable design tools.


After walking through many fears, I decided to launch Abode Environments in 2008. My goal was to provide a chic and sophisticated approach to Interior Design that is unexpected (in a good way!) and tasteful.  I also wanted to make Interior Design more attainable for those who long for a beautiful space, but are afraid their budget won’t allow for that to happen. I have fun with it and so do my clients.  After all, if it’s not fun, what’s the point?


About Karen

I am the most recent addition to Abode Environments.  I happen to get along very well with “the boss”, Stephanie.  She’s my daughter!  We’ve asked each other design opinions for years, so we’ve decided to collaborate on a professional level as well.


While I have no “formal” design education, I have been decorating and redesigning my homes and assisting friends and family for years.  I have always had a love of creating beautiful surroundings, whether it has been for myself or others.


I would say my “designing” background began way back when I was in grade school, when I began sewing my own clothes.  I have been blessed with three daughters, and over the years have sewn hundreds of clothing items for them, too. In recent years I have used that skill in creating or altering drapery panels, shower curtains, bedding and toss-pillows to add a finished touch to rooms.  I particularly love gorgeous fabrics and love to play with textures and colors.  I also love to accessorize rooms, creating vignettes and tablescapes to add personality. I get a thrill when a finished design comes together. (BTW… she is crazy talented! -Stephanie)


I am amazed at the stunning decor Stephanie and Karen have created for my private training studio in New York City.

These ladies are great at making places look incredibly rich, when secretly, you didn't have to spend all that much.

They know exactly what colors and kinds of paints to use, exactly what divider screen would make my place look like a million bucks, exactly what desk should go in what corner, etc, etc--all on a budget.

I have hired them twice, and my most valuable lesson was to trust their decisions. For instance, Stephanie suggested that I make one room dark gray. I doubted her decision and suggested another color. After it was all painted the color that *I* suggested, I realized Stephanie was right. Three months later, I was painting my room the original gray Stephanie suggested in the first place--and the room now looks incredible.

These ladies are both so talented--they truly have an eye for great design.

Stephanie used a little money to make my place look like a Park Avenue Penthouse. I'm impressed!

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