● Your home should be exactly that… home.

● Your house should express you, not what you think others want your house to be.

● Decorating is fun! Let’s keep it that way!

● White should be your best friend. It adds instantaneous ‘chic-factor’ and simplicity at the same time.

● Every room benefits with a dose of glam… even if it’s just a tiny bit.

● The best compliment one could receive is “Oh, this house is so _______ (insert your name here)!”

● The most interesting rooms come from experimentation and stretching your comfort zone.

● Narcissism is allowed when decorating your house. Go ahead and hang that self-portrait above your mantel!

● Black and brown CAN look fantastic in the same room.

● The more texture, the better!

● One room in your home should be overly luxurious.  After all, we all love to be treated like royalty.


Not so design-related beliefs…

● Happiness is a choice. Period.

● Look for the good in others. You can always find it, if you look hard enough.

● Saying “Hi” to someone you don’t know everyday can change your life.

● Challenge yourself to be a better person.

● Be true to yourself and not what you think what others want you to be… it’s liberating!

● Open your eyes to new ways of thinking.

● Laugh. Daily.





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