Have you recently gotten married or moved in

with your partner? Are you expecting a baby?

Downsizing? Stuck in the land of beige?

Overwhelmed by colors and options? Did you

recently move?


Abode Environments will update your room’s

look according to your budget. Whether you

are interested in help with paint selection,

accessorizing, subtle refreshing, or a total

“re-do”, we want to help.


-The Fluff-

$289 flat fee


For those that want some direction, but want to

do the majority of the work themselves. This

package includes up to 4 hours of design

services. Some examples of what you may

want to hire us for:

- Color/paint consultation

- Room re-arrangement

- Shopping for furniture/decor

- Customizing pieces

- Creating artwork

- Selecting flooring/cabinets/finishes

- Decorating a room with pieces you already


Our clients often hire us for a combination of

these things, depending on how much time you

would like allotted for certain services.



- The Whole Shebang-

$289 base price for the first 4 hours – $60/hour for  every hour thereafter.


For those who want more assistance and a complete  room overhaul, this package is the right fit for you.  Some people want to start with a completely blank slate. Others want to incorporate some of what they already have with adding new items for a completed look.

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