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Every time I go to a house with a lot of architectural detail, I get jealous. There’s something so interesting about old city houses, with their arched hallways, stained-glass windows and moldings on the wall. Most newer houses don’t have the luxury of these features.

The good news is that adding molding to your walls or ceilings is a lot easier than you may think. Most local hardware stores offer a lot of options. They have simple options or detailed ones, various widths and can come pre-painted white or unfinished.

I really like the crisp, modern look of white molding, but how fun would it be to paint the molding a bright, contrasting color to really up the cool-factor?

Once you’ve picked out the molding that you would like, head over to the “tools” section of your hardware store. Pick up a saw and miter box. I bought mine for under $20 and they came as a set.

When you get home, measure the molding to your desired length and cut it at a 45 degree angle. By using the miter box for this, it will make your corners match evenly.

Once you have cut all of your pieces to the appropriate lengths, if you plan on painting or staining your molding, it’s time to make it happen.

Wait until they are completely dry and then it’s time to attach them to the wall or ceiling. You can do this several ways. The easiest way would be to use a nail gun, but I’m guessing that most of you don’t have one handy and they are fairly pricey. You can simply take standard finish nails and hammer them in. Or, if you’re renting or don’t want to make them permanent, I have used heavy-duty, double-sided, removable tape and it actually worked.

If you use finish nails, you will likely need to use touch up paint for the head of the nail. If you use double-sided tape, make sure that it is heavy-duty and that you run it the length of your molding.

Get creative with the design and placement of your molding. In some cases, it can eliminate the need for artwork.

Some inspiration:





This one was just featured on Design Star’s first episode. Designed by Danielle.

Have fun. Think BIG. Be nice to people.


Posted on June 11, 2013 at 8:20 pm

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